This enchanting ‘city of lights’ is an absolute marvel and is home to some of the most celebrated and consequential masterpieces. From its staggering art scene that surrounds you with the divine artistry of Caravaggio and Da Vinci to its florid roman craftsmanship that harks you back in time, the famous Parisian cobbled streets that echoes with the spirits of a million love stories to the decorative ornate bridges that hover over the greyish blue waters of the river Sein- this sparkling city of ‘Lumieres’ will entice you in for an experience of a lifetime. Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world and has an array of venues that will suit your requirements for your D-day. Exchange your love bands under the landmark of love- “La Tour Eiffel”, go for a ceremony on the bank of the river opposite to it or in the beautiful gardens of Champ De Mars that surrounds it. You could choose a luxurious yatch wedding with modern interior and upscale services and float through river Seine with a spectacular view of the glittering Eiffel Tower. The hotels in Paris are a wonder in themselves. They provide you with an essence of old-world beauty. Halls with intricate architectural details, classic parquet floors with marble mosaics and grand mirrors surrounded by vintage iron candle holders that dimly illuminates the space making it the spot right out of a fairy tale. Paris is a chest filled with treasures waiting to be unveiled. Dive into the artistic museums and monuments of Paris through the sprawling galleries of the grand Palais, the Louvre and Museed’orsay. Spend a relaxing afternoon by taking a quite stroll in the Tuileries garden or go for a small picnic on the banks of the canal Saint Martin or watch performance at Moulin Rouge. Paris is a food lover’s dream come true. Pick some of their aromatic croissants with French butter, colourful Parisian Macroons and their trendy eclairs with a cup of rich, velvety and perfectly tempered hot chocolate.

The best time to host your big day is either from Jun-Aug or Sept-Oct.



Named as the ‘Eternal city’ by the ancient Romans, the magnificent capital of Italy is based on interesting legends and myth. Rome’s impressive grand Basilica and cathedrals, engrossing architectural sites, crumbling remains of the temple of the Pagan gods and set of ruins makes this mystical city all the more compelling.Rome has plenty of places to get hitched and amongst them there are a few that steals the limelight. Say ‘I do ‘ in the mesmerising ‘La Posta Vecchia’. With a cellar museum that courts a distinct collection of Renaissance art, brilliant 18th century décor and the boasting plush gardens overlooking the breath-taking Tyrrhenian sea which makes it the perfect venue, or get unified in ‘Aldrovandi Villa Borghese’ which is nestled in the heart of the famous Borghese gardens and has their very own Michelin star restaurant for a lovely wedding dinner, or choose to tie the knot in the divine ‘St. Peter’s Basilica’ surrounded by the bewitching Vatican gardens that are festooned with marble fountains and sculptures and has a circular piazza in the front.Rome is brimming with world class art and ancient ruins. Take a tour of the mighty gladiatorial colosseum, the unrivalled and monumental Trevi fountain, the resplendent baroque stairway of Spanish steps and the Michelangelo’s iconic painted ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Visit the lively Piazza Navona that hums with street vendors, artists, large obelisk, boutiques, fountains, museums and an array of cafes and restaurant; it is your one stop to experience the spirit of Rome.

The best time to organise a gala wedding in Rome is either from Apr-Jun or from Sept-Oct.



Owning its ancient name- ‘Al Maghrib’ Morocco has managed to fashion its boasting mix of Arab, Berber, French, Spanish and African influences with the help of their rick cultural heritage, fascinating history and charming traditions. Morocco is an exquisite blend of ancient and modern pillars, the nomadic way of life, folklore music, bustling cities along with High Atlas Mountains, sweeping desserts, rocky beaches and refreshingly cold waterfalls. Morocco has a wide selection of versatile venues to pick from. Put on a stunning yet airy wedding attire and walk down the sandy pathway gleaming with Moorish lanterns in the warm, apricot toner dessert of Morocco. They have luxurious white tents lined with exotic and vibrant Moroccan rugs and pretty embroidered cushions for you to sit down and sip cocktails or host an intimate dinner. Don’t forget to dance yourself out around the crackling bonfire under the starry Arabian night. Morocco has stunning and opulent hotels such as La Sultana Oualidia, Riad Fes and Dar Al Hossoun which are a gracious retreat where traditional architecture meets splendour and nature. Go for a beautiful and private country side wedding with beautiful lush greens gardens, fruity olive groves, Oyster farms, flocks of pink flamingo and unique salt water lagoons. Morocco has a great deal of things to do. Take in the awestriking sights of the Saadian tombs, old Medinas, Hassan tower and Koutoubia mosque. Lose yourself in some soulful Sufi Qawwali or Persian Sama in the Mosaic studded Riads and stroll through the peppy and vibrant maze of souks that display flamboyant pottery pieces, rugs, carpets, silks and Moroccan babouches in rich regal colours.

The ideal time to visit Morocco is either in spring from mid Mar-May or in Autumn from Sept-Oct.



Srilanka is quite an engaging island country drenched in over 3000 years of affluent history of heritage influenced by its divergent chapters of Dutch, Portugal and British colonism. Srilanka is endowed with a collection of impressive landscapes, carpets of Emerald green tea plantations, variegated places of worship, fabulous beaches and spectacular sunrises with extremely reposed climate. Srilanka has some really unique, off-beat and tropical wedding venues. Get hitched in the ‘Hot air Balloon’ high up in the air with a crystalline azure sky or a flaming orange sunset as the backdrop, fluffy white and grey clouds being the witnesses and a picturesque view of the lush green juggles, Rocky Mountains and paddy fields. Mark your eternal bond on tranquil palm fringed beach with a sun-kissed golden shore, the feel of fine warm sand in between your toes, comfortable oceanfront gazebos and the sound of the waves crashing through out your vows. You could also opt for a subtle and elegant wedding in a European style church with white columns, stained glass windows and massive bells perched high on the hills. Srilanka has a range of spectacles to witness. Experience the glory of massive Dambulla cave temple that holds statues and sculptures depicting the life of Buddha. Savour a cup of tea while enjoying the Panoramic views of the historic tea plantations or witness Srilanka’s unfathomable range of exotic wildlife and colourful bird species. Shop from the buzzing, assorted local markets that keep everything from handmade goods, souvenirs, accessories to freshly picked produce. Srilanka is a concoction of flavours; their egg hoppers, sour fish curry, asami, aluva and kottu roti is to die for.

Apr-Sept and Dec-Mar is a serene time to get hitched in Srilanka.



Often referred to as the ‘Jewel of Arabia’; the sultanate of Oman is a culturally rich haven nestled in the Arabian Peninsula with Bedouin villages and historic seafront cities emblazoned with white washed mosques adorned with blue domes and slim ornate minarets, homes with traditional eccentric doors and distinctive malls and complexed that are a fusion of modern and Omani architecture. Oman is a mirage of lushes in middle of the dessert as it home to magnificent Wadis, devastatingly beautiful green mountains, golden beaches lines with Banana and coconut plantations, submerged caves with pounding waterfalls and sparkling turquoise pools. Oman is quite a ‘fun getaway’ wedding destination with a variety of luxury hotels. You could choose Shangri-La’s Barr resort and spa that is located in the mountains overlooking the gleaming blue waters of the Sea of Oman. They have dazzling ballroom with a grand Bohemian crystal chandelier, well-manicured gardens and turtle beaches or you could get hitched in Al-Bustan palace, a distinctive palatial resort that has an open air ballroom, outdoor infinity pools and a unique dining experience of regional and international flavours or pick Millennium Resort Mussanah that has a private berth marina and provides with yatch charter options, spacious accommodations, fun water activities and committed support in every facet of organising your wedding. Your guests are going to have a gala time taking in the beauty of Wahiba sands, Jebel shams, Sultan Qaboos mosque and the captivating royal opera house. Oman’s frenetic bazaars with vibrant handicrafts, Bedouini jewellery, silver khanjars, wafting essence of frankincense and a variety of other goods will have you filling your shopping bags. Have your fill of the delicious juicy majboos, shuwa and miskak with some Omani bread and savour their famous halwa and traditional Kahwa served with sweet dates.

The perfect time to visit Oman is from Oct-Apr.



Portugal is a sunny, laid-back southern European country oozing with tradition and local culture. Its white towns with richly coloured buildings, small bridges, quaint courtyards and awe-striking baroque architecture along with its rolling green hills, trickling streams, luscious olive and almond trees, dramatic cliffs and soft white sand beaches sloping down the warm waters making Portugal a contrasting mashup of historic cities, placid countryside and scenic beauty.Portugal is a wonderful country that is filled with beguiling destinations that will add up to the glamour of your big day. Be it a rustic countryside wedding in a gorgeous vintage quinta with a glorious stone manor festooned with vine creepers, surrounded by fruity citrus and olive groves or be it an unparalleled fairy tale wedding at the Pena castle with sparkling yellow, blue and red tile exterior situated on the picturesque Sintra hills combined with a jaw dropping view and absolutely staggering sunset or be it a unique epoch wedding in the National Coach museum decorated with paintings, tile panels and the biggest private collection of Portuguese carriage housed in an old horse riding arena- Portugal has it all. Portugal attract a large number of tourists every year. Its numerous streets and winding alleys branch off leading you to prime libraries, gothic monuments and clusters of Moorish mansions. Explore the sandy beaches and hidden caves, take wine tasting tours, go hiking, visit the oceanarium or party the night away. Whatever you do, don’t forget to dine in one of the vibrant alfresco bars or restaurants and devour every bite of Portugal’s adored egg custard tarts.

The best time to get married in Portugal is from Mar-May as the country is in full bloom at the time.



The ‘Land of smiles’ Thailand is one of the most remarkable and welcoming countries in the world. This buoyant country boasts rich history, fascinating ethnic communities and long established customs and traditions. Its sublime limestone mountains, heavenly white coral sand beaches with emerald green and cobalt blue waters, submarine, peaks and flushed pink sakura blossoms makes it a tropical paradise. Thailand has a versatile rage of hotels and resorts unknown for their world class hospitality. Get hitched on a private resort island with sweeping views of the Andaman sea, gorgeous beaches, scenic ponds and infinity pools surrounded by lush green forests. The hotels and resorts take care of everything from your wedding décor, cake and catering arrangements and organising the after party and wedding dinner. They have a beautiful room with modern contemporary designs to accommodate your family and friends and also a relaxing and soothing spa and massage arena. If you are looking for something intimate, then book a private pool villa and exchange your vows surrounded by the spectacular vista of the amazing deep-red sunset.Thailand is a travellers’ Paradise and has something for everyone. Visit the staggering and impressive Buddhist temples, the dazzling grand palace that would make you salute the Thai craftsmanship, its sugar like beaches and its chill and dive islands. Go hiking in the tropical jungles or spend a day feeding and playing with the Elephants.Shop at Thailand’s world famous fleeting markets that sell everything from Trinkets, souvenirs, flowers, baked goods and stir-fry food. Don’t miss out on the soulful Thai cuisine such as Tom yum goong, khao pad, sweet thai crepe and iced cocoa.

The best time to visit Thailand is from Nov- early Apr as the weather is quite cool at this time of the year.



This appealing ‘land of four seasons’ is layered with flamboyant blend of European and Asian culture, affluent history and a stretch of spirited ethnicities. Turkey’s beautiful Ottoman architecture, impressive and enduring monuments, imperial mosques, small idyllic villages, dazzling cosmopolitans along with dramatic Taurus mountains, alpine pastures, mysterious valleys line with Cedar, Pine and Cyprus trees, secluded beaches, turquoise seascapes and twisty canyons highlight the beguiling artistry of this dynamic nation. Turkey hosts many spectacular wedding destinations that exudes romantic aura and absolute bliss. Take your sacred vows backed by a century’s worth of glamour and timeless appeal of ‘Jumeirah Pera’ or get hitched at Ciragan palace with breath-taking imperial architecture, spacious terraces, splendid ballrooms and a stunning view of Bosporus. Say ‘I do’ at the mesmerising Marmara Antalya with Picturesque gardens, distinctive architecture, plenitude of restaurants and a gorgeous backdrop of rolling Toros mountains and the gleaming Mediterranean Sea. These hotels take care of everything from flowers, music, caterers, tailor-made menus to fireworks. Turkey is packed to the brim with an array of things to do and see. Be it the spellbinding sight of the glory of Hagia Sophia, the mighty ruins of Ephesus, the surreal and swooping rock valleys of Cappadocia or some really fun and thrilling activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, water rafting, horse safaris and mountain biking or taking in the beauty of Turkey’s grand bazaar with shops selling quilted carpets, long silk overcoats, brightly coloured scarves and plenty of other things. Turkey’s traditional Doner kebab, Turkish Rabioli, Lokum and Baklava are worth a shout out.

The most glorious time for hosting a wedding in Turkey is either in spring from Apr-May or in autumn from Sept-Nov.


Greece is a mountainous peninsula situated in the Balkans and is graced by the gorgeous Mediterranean climate throughout the year. It’s an architectural fusion of Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Eclectic styles along with its beautiful Venetian style buildings. It is home to the world’s most quaint islands overlooking the white and blue hues of the Aegean Sea. Its black sand beaches, red pebbles and sparkling water along with its distinctive villages with sugar-white house, cobbled streets and blue domed churches are a sight to behold. Greece has a wealth of options when it comes to picking up an eccentric wedding destination. Picture your wedding on a beautiful volcanic sand beach with sparkling water and the most magical sunset with contrasting white gazebos in the setting or getting hitched in a vineyard under the dusky sky surrounded by breath-taking landscapes or an intimate vintage style ceremony in one of the cave like chapels of Greece. Greece is blessed with Plethora of ancient and scenic wonders; Sounion, Thessaloniki, Zagori and Delphi are quite a sight. It is famous for its authentic and flavoursome Mediterranean cuisine such as Losh kebab, Moussaka, Lemon Bougatsa and Variety of Baklavas. The flea markets have everything from jewellery to antiques, vintage vinyl to authentic art.

Mid Apr – mid Oct is perfect for an autumn wedding.



Italy’s timeless beauty is a blend of bejewelled art, sensational architecture and its mesmerising Tuscan landscapes. It is known to be one of the most romantic places in the world. Its intoxicating fragrance of citrus blossoms, pastel hued villas overlooking the crisscross canals and the atrociously hypnotizing golden sunsets; is truly a feast for senses. Italy’s crescent shaped glassy lagoons, beautiful olive groves, pebbled beaches and ancient towers casts a spell on its admirers.When it comes to getting married or renewing your vows there is no place like Italy. Exchange your vows in Italy’s frescoed villas and exotic farmhouses embraced with creepers and vineyards or ensnared by the flattering alpine lake or on a Gondola amidst the charm of the Venetian canal or an extravagant affair in one of the elegant palaces situated on a sheer cliff by the Italian Rivera.Italy is filled to the brim with places to explore. Lose yourself in the artistic wonders of the Vatican Museum, Sistine chapel and the Uffizi. Home to the fashion capital of the world Italy has a wide variety of exquisite fashion boutiques. It is also quite famous for its local Venetian glass, Florentine leather goods and painted ceramics. You can enjoy a meal of Carbonara or treat yourself with a slice of Tiramisu in an Italian café filled with the aroma of coffee and Mozart playing softly in the background.

The best time for the wedding is either in spring from Apr – Jun or in fall from Sept – Oct.



South Africa is known as the ‘rainbow nation’; a title that fits well with its prismatic blend of lifestyles, languages and ethnicities. The gritty urban metropolis with graffiti splattered streets, grand buildings, a myriad of exuberant carnivals and its lively high spirited millennials along with its beautiful coastal dune forests, Indian ocean beaches, luminous waterfalls pouring over the cliffs and winsome winelands is what makes the country all the more alluring. South Africa has great venues to offer for your wedding. Go wild! and get hitched in a romantic safari style wedding amongst the vast green landscapes, wooded Ebony and Mahogany trees, the lovely small red bushes and the sparkling waters of the Sabi river. Host your wedding dinner in a cozy tree house with a spectacular view of the setting orange sun. You could also go for a colourful traditional South African church wedding. Put on an elegant Xhosa traditional attire with some really pretty bead work accessories. Don’t forget to dance yourself out on ‘Baba nomama’. South Africa has an assortment of sumptuous hotels set in marvellous locations that cater to all your wedding needs. such as the Elephant camp hotel is set within the heavenly Victorian falls, Four Seasons hotel is set on the dreamy cliffside in a garden estate and the Belmond Mount is situated at the foot of the captivating Table mountains.South Africa has a variety of things to do. Visit Boulder beach and hang out with the Penguins or go for a wild life safari and see the lions slouching in the Lion sands reserve. Get your ocean fix by indulging in snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. Witness South Africa’s fascinating yet turbulent history laid out in Apartheid Museum, District Six Museum and South Africa’s national gallery.

The weather is quite pleasant from May – Sept and is the perfect time for a wedding destination.

South Africa


London, a city once founded by the Romans stands tall on the river Thames. It is considered one of the world’s most important and influential cities and is the hub of diversified cultures, tumultuous history, terrific infrastructure and sterling art works. London’s exotic parks, heavenly greenhouses, ornamental flower gardens, spectacular marble fountains and lake houses gliding with swans makes for aniridescent oasis in middle of the overall rush of the city. London has plenty of quirky wedding destinations to choose from. Exchange your vows at the Barbican conservatory surrounded by their huge indoor rainforest, hundreds of exotic fishes and thousands of lush tropical plants that will give you the perfect jungle backdrop for your wedding. ‘The Horniman Museums and Gardens’ are set on acres of majestic plush green gardens. The see-through glass hall with white walls and high arched ceilings is a charismatic venue for you to exchange your vows. The Syon park estate is set on the bank of river Thames. Its sophisticated interior with impressive wood and marble floorings festooned with marble statues and its exquisite ceiling with stucco detailing will add all the required glamour to your big day.London’s tourist attractions have a magnetic pull to it; you can never stop at just one. Start with the London’s iconic landmarks such as the London eye, tower of London and Westminster along with the Big ben. Witness its staggering art forms in its antiquated museums, opera houses, orchestras and drama theatres. Take a trip down the green lane and enjoy a leisurely stroll or a bike ride in Hyde park, Regents park and St. James park.

The ideal time for a British wedding is through March through May when the city is literally blooming.



‘La France’ is aneloquently beautiful nation. It is a conservatoire for the world’s most celebrated sights. Its famed archaic cathedrals, majestic chateaux, antique museums and historical squares unveils the French magic in Baroque, Rocco, Romanesque and neo-classism architectural styles. France is truly an exotic land with white horses running through the marshy deltas, stretches of blooming Lavenders, pink eroded sand, chalky cliffs and bubbly boxwood trees which makes it look like a vista out of the Perrault fairy-tale.France has a variety of spectacular destinations that oozes romance. Get married in an ancient French chapel steeped in history with stone floors, intricately finished balconies and stained glass windows with rolling vineyards and leafy gardens or get hitched in a charming Provence style mansion with timeless Patina walls, gorgeous tree adorned parks and a spectacular view of the glistening French Rivera. France has beautiful hotels with captivating views and settings to add colour, elegance and a touch of French culture to your wedding. France is famed for its wealth of history displayed in its iconic ancient landmarks such as the Notre- Dame, Eiffel tower, Louvre museum and the palace of Versailles. The French fashion houses are the epitome of ‘a la mode’ couture, bags, shoes and perfumes; you can get absolutely everything customised in France. You cannot visit France and not relish in their excellent cuisines. Take a bite of the classic Niçoise, Lobster Bisque and Ratatouille with a crisp glass of white wine and end your meal with some chocolatey souffle with a sable on side.

The idyllic time to host your glitzy wedding is either in spring from Apr- Jun or in fall from Sept-Nov.



Mexico the land of enchantment stands tall on the ruins of Aztec city. It is crowned as the world’s most rich, vibrant and fascinating culture and its electric mix of majestic neo-classical churches, magnificent aboriginal temples, gorgeous art deco homes and their traditional azulejos manages to narrate quite a storied past. Mexico is scalloped with colour morphing cliffs, prismatic waterfalls, coppery canyons, snow-capped volcanoes, pink Coloradans and glowing underwater lagoons.This stunning wonder of a country has a range of jaw dropping hotels and resorts for you to celebrate your big day. Tie the knot in a resort under the exotic blue sky on their beautiful tropical white beach along the deep plunge azure waters of Rivera Maya dotted with thatched tiled gazebos, fountains and palm trees and host your wedding dinner or make your wedding toast around the crackling bonfire under the open sky. You could also take your vows in a hotel nestled between the lush jungles and soaring mountains or opt for a magical mermaid themed wedding and say ‘I do’ underwater surrounded by colourful marine life. Mexico is sculpted with fascinating ancient sites, vibrant festivals and beautiful colonial architecture. You could indulge in a long list of things like pick a day to Relax on a beach, get in touch with the nature and go swimming with shark, whales and sea turtles, experience the awe striking beauty of Monarch butterfly reserve, zipline through the jungle or go scuba diving in Riveria Maya. Visit the lively Bazar Artisanal Mexicano and shop some really cool Frida Kahlo earrings, shirts, purses, handicrafts and a variety of trendy touristy junk. Don’t forget to try some delicious quesadillas, cheesy nachos, loaded tacos and some really flavoursome pambazos.

The ideal time for a perfect Mexicana wedding is from Dec-Apr.



Bali is a fine blend of cultural, sculptural and natural wonders. Balinese architecture is highly influenced by its deep rooted Hindu culture and traditions which are easily depicted in its impressive palaces graced with stone cravings and statues, astounding historical monuments and soulful Balinese temples. The island is filled with natural sights such as their famous tangled bamboo forests pleasing savannahs, striking mangrove swamps, rich green highlands with blazing orange volcanoes, foaming waterfalls, picturesque rice fields, tranquil lakes, vibrant and sparkling coral gardens.Bali has a range of beautiful destinations to pick from. Be it a stunning beach house with golden sand, cerulean-blue sea graced with Balinese palms and a brilliant skyline and an over-water stage facing a platinum sunset or be it an intimate ceremony surrounded by Emerald green paddy fields and gushing Ayung River with a spectacular backdrop of rolling hills. You could also get hitched in a shimmering gem like chapel with gorgeous crystal aisles and glass altars.Bali is an evocative destination that attracts a lot of people from around the world and has a great deal to offer. Visit the famous Pura Lempuyang temple, Banyu wana waterfall, open air Ubud monkey forest and Tegalalang rice terrace. Awaken the shopaholic inside you and stroll through Bali’s dazzling night markets that sell everything from handicrafts, stone carvings, paintings to woven and dyed fabrics. Try out some lip-smacking Indonesian cuisine and treat yourself with delicious satay, Betutu and Lak Lak.

Apr-Oct is the ideal time for a fun Bali wedding.Bali

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